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+ Accounting & Taxation Services

Based on the firm’s expertise using cloud, services include being advisors on cloud based systems. Work will include maintenance of financial records including bank reconciliations, preparation of financial statements and income tax returns and lodgments of the same on cloud platform. All you need to do is set yourselves up on cloud and invite us your advisor.


+ MYOB Training - General

This two day workshop styled training that will introduce cloud systems to existing desktop users and potential cloud users. First time users of the MYOB package will be introduced to the various packages in this Accounting software. Attendees are also entitled to free advice and answers to their queries after 60 days of the training on the software. This training is suitable for all users and certainly a must for SMEs.


+ MYOB Training - Project Based

This is a two and a half day workshop styled training. In addition to attendees being introduced to the MYOB Software and cloud systems, students will be taught on how to manage project funds from a single donor or multiple donors. Specific topics include setting up projects and Budgets on the system and monitoring of payments from each project in an entity against the budgets. This training is suitable for users managing project funds and have to report back to (one or several) financiers of projects and at the same time providing a single set of general financial reports for the entity. Highly recommendable for NGOs, Churches, Governments entities, and other general users carrying out projects using specific funding and having the need to report to the financiers of the projects.


+ Xero Training - General

Same as for MYOB but using Xero accounting software.


+ Xero Training - Project Based

Same as for MYOB but using Xero accounting software.


+ Tailored MYOB and Xero courses for specific needs

We can run tailored MYOB and Xero courses in your workplace to suit your specific needs.


+ Other Trainings

We can also offer courses in office software and MS Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, file management, etc) depending on needs of users.